They are onto Me

31bkpcyg1el_ss400_9They are onto my fiendish plot to overthrow the Orc President Garrosh! I read this article and I thought this borders on absurd. This has to be a fake article but digging deeper there may be some truth to it.

This is why our government is going broke, wasting money on resources that bear no fruit. I’ve played WoW a long…long time and besides the insidious Bot or two, or maybe a durty ninja, I never heard of anything in the way of threats to National Security.  I laugh to myself wondering if there is a typed out log of me somewhere when I went on a hour diatribe why virtual horses have no genitalia (actually that happened in Dark Ages) . I’ll expect the police officers any day for my warrant on bestiality, and my horse porn ring operation.

I think I’m more upset at the waste of money, then the intrusion into privacy, but this does remind me of an old Ice-T song where he says, “Freedom of Speech, just watch what you say!”

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