Playing a Hot Female Blood Elf Made Me Gay!

1376494_737436332936966_310305122_nSo there’s a fake post on a stoopid site saying that Playing Video Games makes you Homosexual.  It was an article that poked fun of stuff I guess, but it’s outrageousness reminds me of another accusation. That Video Games make you violent or a criminal.  I keep hearing these claims that we’re raising a generation of killers. I’ve been hearing these claims since Doom came out for the PC. If it was true there would be a bunch of violent, criminal minded nerds roaming the streets filled with blood.

The choices we make, and the situations we put ourselves in make us who we are for most part. So yeah if I start hanging out with drug addicts, yeah I might start doing drugs. If I hang out with nerds, we’re not going to have a depraved orgy, filled with violence and debauchery. We’re going to have something far worse, a LAN party.

While playing Quake, I never turned to someone and said, “I’m going to take a rocket launcher and do this for realz”

Instead of finding scapegoats, let’s find the core problem with our kids namely shitty parenting….then again here I am dressed as a woman…so maybe video games did make me gay.

One Response to “Playing a Hot Female Blood Elf Made Me Gay!”

  1. kharnamatic Says:

    Playing violent video doesn’t make up for nerds being physically weak, so while they can’t be vicious thugs that roam the streets, instead video games created a generation of vicious trolls that bully people on the internet. Also guess what caused the 2008 stock market crash – nerds raised on video games that made them amoral stockbrokers.

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