Reaper of Souls

2148687So let’s say I might of gotten in to Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls expansion pack family and friends beta test. Now I’m going to be honest I wasn’t to into the Diablo 3 to begin with, I didn’t really like the classes all that much.

All changed when I saw the Crusader, Oh my lord I got a nerd boner. It looks awesome and I’m looking forward to running it through it’s paces.

It’s not that I totally disliked Diablo 3, alot of it I liked. It’s just after awhile because I couldn’t be drawn in, I just lost interest.

So hopefully in the days to come I’ll give you any info I can, don’t know if there’s an NDA or not. We’ll see, but I’m glad their getting rid of that dumdum auction house.

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