Weakly Lagout

High Latency Living –

Yeah I got Friday, and Monday off so you are all getting this a little early, as I am already starting to lag out. I’m in a little gaming rut, all I’m doing is playing a few games of Hearthstone, but I want to do a few things. I’m going to start on a new server in WoW with a bunch of Facebook peeps, then play a little Warhammer, I also want to hit SWTOR again cause I’m reading the Revan book. So I have alot planned in my time off…but I know what will get done…a couple games of Hearthstone.

High Latency Love –

Some NBI love –

She’s All Nerd– I love her posts of Ask a Dude, since I’ve been know to virtual crossdress, ok real crossdress too but that was for Halloween.

The Sofa is Waiting – I love the title of the blog, but I stayed for what was written.

The Jazz Panda – I like some of his thoughts on raiding.

High Latency Laugh –



With that…



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  1. Hey glad to hear you like the blog! Your stuff is awesome too!

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