Giving into my Dark Urges

Warlock6So all this talk of WoW, and the new expansion. That and my buddy talking about how he logged back in to check out a few things. Got me to hankering some World of Warcraft action, namely I wanted to work on my Warlock.

I always knew Warlocks were Mages on easy mode, but I never thought that easy. Seriously I was killing non-stop. I also did a dungeon, and I just rocked it. I really should get my Voidwalker a Christmas Gift or something, that little blueberry worked his what would pass for his ass off. Taking in pulls of 3 or 4 like is was nothing.

I got to say I can understand someone getting used to that type of power, cause absolute power corrupts…absolutely.


One Response to “Giving into my Dark Urges”

  1. Dude wait until you get to the timeless isle.

    EVERYTHING just dies. It is beautiful.

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