Warlords of Doldrums

when-hot-girls-get-bored-they-do-thisWell pretty much Blizz dropped a few things, some I’m looking forward to. I never played an MOBA style game, but I might check out Heroes of the Storm. I’m already loving Hearthstone.

I’ve played WoW since Beta, and this is the first expansion I was like ‘Meh’. I mean we’re going back to the past. Really? Seriously?

Do I like some of the things the expansion is bringing? Yes I do, I can’t complain about upgraded models, and the Garrison thing looks interesting. The rest of it, I really am unimpressed, it’s really pushing me in other directions like TESO, or Wildstar which I’m not really into either. I am just waiting for Camelot Unchained (Thanks @JShabbing), which can’t come soon enough.

Tell you the truth I think Blizzard will be phoning it in, and not doing a whole bunch of work until they get things with Titan hammered out.

2 Responses to “Warlords of Doldrums”

  1. I read your blog a lot and am an avid Hearthstone player (ex-wow player). I’m always looking for more people to play against and test decks against. We seem to be at roughly the same collection level (I only have 2 legendaries). If you’re interested in playing some feel free to add me, my battletag is Ghulmorr#1510.

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