Weakly Lagout

High Latency Living –

Got my first Epic Card in Hearthstone. It was Deathwing. It is an interesting deathblow type card, first time crushed my opponent, second time my opponent changed the attack on Deathwing to 1. I WAS PISSED!. I got an asston of gold cause I played 100 games of any mode. So I’ll have my ass deep in Arenas. I also need to head back to the World of Warcraft, I’ve been negligent. I also want to hop into Warhammer a bit to get it a proper burial, and pay my respects

High Latency Love – 

Mythic for opening the doors so some people can say goodbye to Warhammer

High Latency Laugh – 

An oldie but goodie, and the pally is 90 now.


With that…





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