Lessons I Need to Learn as a Holy PvPing Pally

noobI love playing a Holy Pally in PvP. I just do BG’s though I hear Arena is a real challenge for us Holy PvP Pallies these days. Just from the BG’s I have some lessons that I need to keep reminding myself on a regular basis.

5 Things I Need To Work On

5. Slow Down- Pallies have a speed buff, I have to remember to hold off a bit and let the people who actually do damage get there first. Once in a while I find myself standing alone for a few seconds before the cavalry comes.

4. Cooldowns – I need better management of my cooldowns. To always keep them up, I think part of the problem is my next problem

3. Macros – I just don’t use them, I’m old school keyboard masher, and I think that I need to up my level. The problem is I don’t think the macros that are good for raiding, are really good for pvp’ing but I good be wrong.

2. Better Gear – I just need to start playing more, I’ve been in the throes of Hearthstone. This being AV bonus week, it will go along way to getting some better gear.

1. Invincibility – Even though I’m wearing armor, I have to remind myself I can die pretty easily when surrounded by 20 enemies.


So there you have it, my weaknesses as a Holy Pally in PvP, though I do have some strengths and I do a fair job I think. I need alot of work, and the first step is admitting you have a problem


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