Deck Envy

tumblr_m2y7vh1Y9h1qclvneo1_1280So as you know, or may not know, Hearthstone is my latest addiction. I’ve been playing a bit. I noticed that the matchmaking system doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean one second I’m facing a total noob, then next match I’m facing people with major dragon card, Ragnaros, and Lord Jarraxus.

I mean I just have the basic cards pretty much, how can I face these people that are whipping out these monster cards. I started crafting a bit, perhaps I can make one of these awesome cards.

I have been playing the Arena alot, I figure it’s a better deal 150 gold, you usually get a deck of cards and some other stuff.  I think it’s more even keel too, cause you pick the cards ad hoc.  I wonder how it decides which hero to give you, is it random…or is there method to their madness.

Well here’s a helpful tool for Hearthstone. 

Here’s a sample of one of my Warlock decks.

Feel free to share your decks, so I can drool over them..

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