Hearthstone Cubed

TripletsSyp put out his 3×3 on Hearthstone, and I felt compelled to show my hand as it were as well, but unlike him you get the bad news first.


3 things that disgust me – 

1. Bugs – Yeah I’m getting some bugs, like graphical, but I think the biggest bug I loathe is when it drops me from the match. Thus it gives me a loss, and it angers me. I’ve been reporting them when I can…but it’s only Beta so I don’t let it get to me too much.

2. That Dwarf Innkeeper – I’m getting sick of being greeted by him, and him telling me stuff. Is there a way to quiet him.

3. No interrupts – I wish there was some way to block an opponent from destroying a minion you love so much. It makes me weep my poor Core Hound who I doubled health just got destroyed, I want a way to cock block that A-hole from doing that.

3 things that I like.

1. Gameplay – I think this game is easy to play, but harder to master depending on hero class. I like the fact that you get your resources regardless. I use to hate magic and that I had to hope my card align and I get my resources I need.

2. Arena – I like the way you just randomly pick cards, but I wish you get to pick the hero you want, I like RNG but not that much RNG. I think 150 gold, or 1.99 cash is a good price point too.

3. Cards – I love these cards, and I’ve spent a poop ton on getting more already. When Hearthstone goes live, I’m going to have to open like 800 decks..or maybe a little less…but it’s getting up there. Also I’m getting attached to certain minions, and I have to have certain guys in every deck.

For me the Music is full of meh too, what I would love is maybe it tap into your Itunes library, since it might be ported to that anyway. As for wanting to play WoW, I do now but it’s been taking away from my WoW. My guild leader said something one night while I’m playing Hearthstone, he said, “I see you, and just want you to know that I see you”  LOL!

5 Responses to “Hearthstone Cubed”

  1. Off tangent a little, but I really dig the pictures you put with all your posts. 😛

    • I consider my blog more entertainment then informational. The pictures albeit usually scantily clad lovely ladies I try to at least match it up with my post 😉

      • Actually I noticed it and figured you were being intentionally provocative. Which is any bloggers prerogative of course, but I’ve known you to have scuffles with other bloggers such as on the issues of sexism. I think you do it simply to jab at others, but I could be wrong. As an off and on reader, I think they detract from what you’re writing.

        And to be honest, I mistake them for spammer ads frequently in readers and block them which makes your blog difficult to read (you know how advertisers link unrelated provocative stuff to fake articles to get people to click).

        What’s the real reason you do this? Sheer curiousity.

      • Well no one ever asked me why I do what i do. You sure you want to go down that rabbit hole ? Lol

        I’ll give you this though there are a few reasons I do what I do, but the binding reason I don’t take my blog too seriously. I’m no profound writer, I’m a showman…and nothing makes a show better then some flash and flare.

      • We both know the “I’m not a profound writer” is somewhat of a cop-out 🙂 Have you tried or do you mean you’re not interested in taking your writing serious?

        And to be clear I’m not trying to pick on you. I’m definitely not trying make any points either. But I do read this blog and it’s nice to understand the authors. It’s not my right to understand you, however and I totally don’t want to cross any lines there which you don’t want to cross.

        No one wants to *not* be taken seriously, even when we don’t take ourselves too seriously. I’m definitely interested in the non-binding reasons for the things you publish, but you are certainly under no obligation to oblige me. Anyway, I appreciate the frank and honest responses here which is, believe it or not, part of the reason I read the blog. For better or worse 😉

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