I’ve got Huge Fireballs

jaina-proudmooreSo I entered Hearthstone, not knowing really what to expect. I have to say I was mildly pleased with what I played, despite I didn’t get to play enough due to an issue (which I’ll have to report tonight when I get a chance) .

I played basically the 6 first “missions” or games as a tutorial. First thing is I had fun, it wasn’t hard but I did have one challenge until I figured out a strategy. Which for me was really cool, I love when there’s a problem in a game, then I get an A-HA moment.

A couple of things, one was from my stupidity, other was a problem in game. I didn’t know some of the cards we’re minion cards since they had abilities. Like Raid Leader, I thought that was just a power card of some type. Until I caught on. The other issue, and where I stopped was that the game froze after the tutorial while I was trying to build a deck., I’ll log in tonight, and see if there’s still an issue, and if so report it.

Overall I had a bit of fun, there’s a lot of Blizzard humor here which keeps the game light hearted, and I really enjoyed blasting Illidan in the face with my Fireball…that bitch wasn’t prepared.

One Response to “I’ve got Huge Fireballs”

  1. There are creams that you can get that should soothe those ‘huge fireballs of yours’…. lol

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