I’m Just Not Excited

flashdanceThis is pretty much the first time in a while I’m not excited about the most recent MMO’s coming out.



EQnext – Though I’m hearing some good stuff about it, and some bad. I played EQ once, and it just didn’t do it for me.

The Elder Scrolls Online – I never really liked the other games. I hated the interface so I’m not really excited about an online version.

Wildstar – I WANT to be excited about this. I really do, it seems everyone else is. Them pushing it back is a good thing I guess.

I will most likely play these games, but I hold no expectations for how long, or even if I will like it.


What I am excited about –

Eternal Crusade – I would literally sell my soul to get into beta for this.

Camelot Unchained – Mark Jacobs returns, and I really hope I’m there when the gates open.

4 Responses to “I’m Just Not Excited”

  1. I’m interested in EQN Landmark, and Wildstar to a lesser extent; none of the rest.

  2. I am so jumping into Camelot Unchained the first day it goes live, will probably even ask for holiday time then

  3. I’m in the same boat, have been for a few years now I think. I was searching my blog the other day for an article and stumbled upon one of my “fan posts” for Guild Wars 2. I remembered that I used to look forward to it. I didn’t even buy it when it released and am doubtful I ever will.

    Wildstar does have my attention though, in a way that no other MMO has for years. I think I like their ideas about professions. TESO, I think, will be a disappointment for me. What I have loved about ES games is that I can *live* in those worlds. Otherwise, combat has ever been mediocre if not bad in those games. Questing has lost it’s luster since it’s become so formulaic. I can’t imagine TESO somehow being a great MMO when all that’s left of it’s single-player games is the world itself. But, that said, this is also the reason it has potential.

    I am hopeful that something nice comes along. I havne’t given up on MMOs. I just haven’t seen anything that interests me.

    Also, still waiting for Blizz to launch Vanilla and TBC servers. I should write about this upcoming secret plan of theirs.

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