She’s probably a solid 5.

butterSo Apple Cider Mage takes umbrage to some NPC saying how they are rating someone.  It reminds me of the seen, in She’s out of My League, where the men rate themselves.  Apple says it objectifies women. Please I see men being rated all the time in the media, I see the lists in People, Glamour,  and other magazines. Women don’t ever rate men on looks now? Men are the only ones doing this? 

No everyone of us is ranked no matter who you are, Oh we might not assign a number to it, but have no worries you do have a ranking. I remember Elaine on the show Seinfeld that a man was sponge worthy or not.  I didn’t hear anyone crying about how that is sexist. Whether it be our salary, our looks, our house, or a thousand of other things each of us are ranked, so these NPC’s are commenting on a girls looks. Would you prefer instead of numbers they used a different system?

I’m sorry but there are ranks, perhaps even classes in our society and like it or not, and it has been happening for millions of years, just because you won and stopped it in a game isn’t going to stop it from happening, and I think there’s bigger fish to fry in the World of Warcraft, like how Resilience is pretty much useless in PvP.  I just find the Feminist Regime to laughable sometimes in it’s crusades to the point where they make themselves look ridiculous.

In Conclusion, we all rank people and it’s human nature to do so because we like to order our universe into neat little packages. As for Apple, I give her a solid 5, but she might be a butter face so maybe she’s a 6. .

2 Responses to “She’s probably a solid 5.”

  1. I rate River as a 10 for your stuff mister man!
    8 for in game heals maybe a 10 if I bothered to stay close enough to get heals.. But meh 🙂
    And Apple Sauce err cider….well it goes good with pork….something about pectin helping with digestion of fat…could be wrong on the nutrition stuff….

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