I need another Timeless Cloak

jaina-proudmooreSo I went to the Loot Pinata last night aka The Timeless Isle, and all I got was another damn Timeless Cloak, that makes 5 of them now I have, not including the ones I use on my Paladin. 

It got me to start thinking if this Timeless Loot any good for PvP. I mean we all have 74% resistance now, but it’s lack of PvP Power has me worried, I guess I can add a couple gems/and reforge but is that enough. 

This is something I have to research, any thoughts? 

2 Responses to “I need another Timeless Cloak”

  1. I don’t PvP but I’m pretty sure you want to be PvPing in PvP gear, generally. Since the i496 PvP gear is available with HP now, I’d aim for picking some of those up and only fill in with PvE gear if it’s extremely high level (i540+) until you can get a PvP version.

    I’m well-geared for PvE (i540ish) and accidentally PvP flagged myself on a guy while looting a mob… and ended up fighting the guy. He was a tank (had something like 900K health) but still… I was doing 4K dps against him. 4K. I don’t think even high-level PvE gear does much to make up for the lack of PvP Power. It took me most of 10 minutes to get him down and I think at least one other person ended up having to help. People were stopping to laugh at how neither of our health bars were moving. It was sad, really.

    On the other hand, I might just suck, your mileage may vary. I did seem to do okay in the battlegrounds I had to do for the legendary… not great, but I wasn’t useless.

    • Well everyone has 74% resilience now. So maybe the Timeless crap will do until you get enough HP to get pvp gear. It’s nice though to have a little pve gear for my off specs when I want to farm and such.

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