The Changer of Ways Has Deemed It So

dark__elf__witch_by_i_tavaron_i-d41aeezWarhammer Online is closing it’s doors, and even though I haven’t played it in awhile I’m still very sad, why? Cause me and WAR have a ton of history. I could say alot of bad things about WAR, how it had potential, and it failed to do this, or failed to do that. The bottom line was this game gave me alot, it started my blogging adventure, it opened the door for me to meet a bunch of people, it entertained me tons….so how is that bad?  As others post their goodbyes, I think it’s time I give this game a fitting tribute here.

Let’s set the wayback machine. When I first got the blogging bug in late 2007, start of 2008 I started just writing a personal blog, and once in a while I would write about my video game stuff.  I started reading about this new game coming out called Warhammer Online. Now let me tell you I’m a Warhammer Nut, yes I used to paint my little army men, and go to war with them. Then I fell on hard times, and couldn’t afford to do it, or had the time to do it, but with games like Dawn of War it fed my Warhammer fix. But here was an MMO coming out about the IP that I loved…ALOT…how much so, I have a Warhammer tattoo a symbol of chaos, it’s from 40k…but I still loved all of Warhammer.

Now I started to digest everything I could about this game, and started reading some awesome video game blogs that were dedicated to this game. One of them was the best, it was Syp’s blog WAAAGH! that inspired me to create my own blog. I called it WAY OF THE CHOSEN, because I loved Chaos, and knew I would only specialize in being a Chosen.

Some fond memories of that time…

My First Post – I wanted to start off with a story, I was actually borderline very RP’ey back then.

This Video – It still sends chills of excitement through my veins.

Mythic Loved Me – It was an honor to be a part of their Land of the Dead promotion, and I felt like my hard work was noticed.

Getting my Drunkard Title – One of my all time favorite titles…anywhere.

There are many…many more memories about this game, the people I met, the people I played with, dealing with Mythic. I wanted to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart, to Mythic, and the people and bloggers who worked, and wrote on Warhammer Online, and made it special.

May the Raven God Bless You. 

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