Blizz Shuts Down Diablo 3 Auction House

girl_with_money_fullThough I haven’t played Diablo 3 all that much despite owning it. Blizz shutting down the Auction House really wasn’t a surprise to me. I mean I didn’t think it lent itself to this game that much. If Diablo 3 was a pure MMO i could understand an auction house, but it wasn’t. The WHOLE point of the Diablo games was to kill monsters to get cool loot, and gold. Now we’re going to put in a system where you can spend money and get cool stuff.

Yeah well anyway, I tip my hat off to them this is a huge thing in terms of them saying, “Yea we fucked up”, it still offers no solace to those people that lived, or died by the Auction House.  I’m sure there will be ruffled feathers.  Perhaps instead of killing the evil beast you created, try to tame it. See if there’s anything you can do before you rip out it’s beating heart.

Then again maybe the beast has gotten to strong, and the only safe thing is to kill it.

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