Missing Me Some Vanilla

icecream-girlWell The Noisy Rogue is posting some old school stuff on his blog and it got me walking down nostalgia lane.  I got the blogging bug in late 2007, but I didn’t start actually blogging myself until 2008. Here’s my first post about gaming.  I really do miss Vanilla at times, but I know I’m looking back on rose colored glasses sometimes.

6 Reasons I miss Vanilla WoW.

6. Society/Faction Pride – You had a server, and on that server you had community. I loved the fact you got to know people easier, and reputations were made, or lost by how you acted. You had pride in your faction, and would perk up when someone screamed “For the Horde!” or “For the Alliance!”

5. Epic Mount Meant Something.-  When you got one it was like a major achievement for me. Since to get it I had to pretty much corner the market on selling pets back then it was no easy feat.

4. The First TIme Ragnaros Popped Out – Just breathtaking and never seen anything like it in a game before.

3. Teamwork – Getting a 40 man raid, together and all working on the same page took great leadership, and great teamwork. It was awesome being on a team of mages, and the camaraderie we had.

2. Getting My First Epic – Now Epics are so commonplace it’s sick. I remember I was in all blues for quite some time, until one of my guild leaders gave me a present, it was a purple one handed axe. Not the best tanking weapon, but I used it with pride.

1. The Epic Battles – The Southshore/Tarren Mill battles, or the Crossroads battles were always fun and epic. I miss the hey day of World PvP.

I know there are probably alot more, but these are pretty much some of the major reasons I loved Vanilla, but like all things, WoW must change as well.

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