Holy Crusade

815249-bigthumbnailSo one of my favorite bloggers Bossy Pally updated her blog post.  At first I couldn’t find my blog in her blog roll. I was a little bummed. Then I saw my blog under Holy Paladins. It is true I do play Holy Paladin, but unlike my brethren I just PvP. I noticed not many bloggers of the Holy Paladin kind take part in PvP, or if they do I don’t see too much writing done about it.  As I consider it a HUGE honor to be on her blog roll. I felt remiss in my duties as a Holy Crusader of the Healing Arts, as I haven’t posted in a while on it. I’m going to rectify that, cause I am now on a holy crusade to get better PvP gear, and to help my new Alliance brethren.

Let’s start there. My old guild leader resurrected my very first guild on Alliance side of Garona. My very first toon was a Paladin, when WoW first started. I know glutton for punishment. When Battlegrounds came out, we left that guild behind, and started fresh horde side.  Well we’re back on the Alliance side.  I went with human male, I think humans just look the part of a Paladin.

I was a little upset at myself I wanted to stockpile more honor points. A couple things I noticed the Justice Points to Honor Points, and vice versa price has gone up . I remember it was 325 JP for 250 Honor. Now I think it’s 500. That’s just horse poop.  Anywho i had enough honor to buy two pieces, I got the Tyrannical Shield, and Chest piece.  I got some major trinket problems that is my next goal get better trinkets. I’m still rocking Dreadful…YUCK!

Gemming Priorities I think should be…

Int – For Mana Pool/Power

PvP Power – For well power

Spirit – for Mana Regen

Haste – For Speed.

Well I’m looking forward to rocking the heals, and sharing my crusade with you.

2 Responses to “Holy Crusade”

  1. Yay PvP advice!

    I’m pretty sure that I had written an intro for you when I added you to the Holy Pally section way back. It was quite a while ago! I know the category name is “for your info fix”, but I don’t expect all the blogs in the roll to actually write theory stuff. An interesting, active blog and a, err, paladin spirit is fine with me!

    • Well I love my paladins, when we switched to horde side in the days no pallies were able to play horde, I had an Orc warrior, and I would wear lightforged armor, and bandage people as a joke. Saying I was the Hordes first Pally. LOL!

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