For the Zerg!

kerriganSo I got a bug up my ass, and bought Starcraft 2. bundle for 60 bucks. not a bad deal…not the greatest either. meh.

Let me say something….I’m a HUGE Starcraft fan. I use to play in college, ALOT.  It would be a constant thing to play with my friends in the college computer lab until 4-5am, and then go hit a local breakfast joint for Hazelnut coffee.  I was the local Zerg expert, and I did Zerg Rushes before they were cool  I loved the single player missions as well.  Just hearing the Overmind gave me chills.

So I wanted to play Heart of the Swarm, but I guess for a cheap bundle pack I’ll suffer through the Terran campaign. I was mildly shocked, I LOVE it . All the goodies, and stuff to do. The mission choices, hell even the Jukebox.

These bastards at Blizzard got me hooked again. I was up to the wee hours of the morning playing, and now I’m downing Rockstar energy drinks like its my job.  I’m just really looking forward to the Zerg campaign.


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