Traitorous Cur!

jaina-proudmooreWhen I first started my adventure in WoW many…many years ago, I played mostly alliance in a guild that came from Dark Ages of Camelot. That guild was on Garona, and it was called Phoenix Ascension. Then when Battlegrounds came out we all switched to Horde, and never looked back. 

This weekend a close friend and guildie said he was going back to alliance side on Garona. I said wtf I’ll help him out, and I could some new adventure. So I xferred my Warlock there, and I made her into a human slut…cause I want to dress her up in pretty things….and…and…..uhm…nevermind.  I also xferred my pally too, cause every guild could use a tank/healer.awesome mother fucker. 

So I joined the level 2 awesome guild, and I was looking at the roster with my old friend. Then I realized…holy shite this is the SAME guild, there were people on the roster from all those years ago. i was totally wigging out with the blasts from the past. So that was just kind of cool. 

The awesome thing is my Rivendare’s Charger is awesome again, and  I also hit 60 with my Warlockess, and looking forward to helping my new Alliance friends…(I just threw up in my mouth a bit) 

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