twins-wow-blondes-sexySo I got the Warlock to 58, and I have entered Outland. This place is as sucky as it was the first day I ever stepped into it. I never really was too nuts about it. I mean even when it was something new I was quickly bored with it. There was some parts I thought was cool, but for most of it it filled me with MEH.  Now it’s just a stepping stone to get me some more levels.

Though I enjoy the Warlock class, there is still something that is missing for me. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s just the middle level malaise. Maybe I just miss my portals…those things are awesome.

It wouldn’t be a challenge, if I didn’t find it…. well….a challenge. I am determined to get my Warlock to 90…then I will make my decision.

My next project is to make a warrior. A friend of mine is teaching his girlfriend to play WoW, and I might help out. We’ll see…their playing alliance though…I would feel oh so dirty.

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