To Gank or Not To Gank

179917_10150975584644823_1032653590_nBeing back on a PvP Server again, I come to an ethical decision, or is it moral at times. Should I ruin someones day by crushing their hopes and dreams, and ganking them. Making them waste time to run back.

Sure I hate it when it was done to me. I also remember the days in Vanilla where Stranglethorn Vale was a ganking hotzone, damn near battleground. I also remember dodging into caves, and hiding when upper levels came through. Should I show compassion for those lowbies who are just trying to have some fun, and level their alts. Didn’t I too, feel the frustration when the same douchebag killed me over, and over again.

I should but I don’t. I’m a hate filled vessel, and I love giving back what was done to me. We do not forgive, We do not forget…I wish I could hear their cuss words yelling at me, calling me insults as I spit on them with an emote. For me there was no compassion as I knelt, and bowed to those higher level then me, and still crushed. me. There will be no mercy here, so if you are red….you are dead.


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