Scrolling for Everquests

eq1I’m going to be honest I was never a fan of Everquest or TES series. I played them both, but just something just turned me off about it. I played Everquest when it first came out, but I didn’t like the pacing of the game, and then when Dark Ages of Camelot came out, I LOVED the PVP. With the Elder Scrolls series I never quite liked the UI, and first person perspective. Perhaps I’m tainted by all the gold box D&D RPGS of yesteryear.

There are some things that piqued my interest with EQnext.

1. It’s free- no lose scenario there.

2. Some talks of PVP, and Siege. I like besieging shit.

3. Some bells and whistles like destroying landscape.

4. Landmark – Thinking it’s like Foundry.

So I will for sure check it out. I also got into the TESO beta, so I’ll check that out as well, and see what THAT’s all about.

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