You are Not Prepared

Blizzcon – Female Blood ElvesSo after a couple rough weeks, I’m back to working on my Warlock. I’m level 56 right now. I know level 58 starts the quests, but I thought you could get into Outland at 56. Well I went through the portal at 56, and just came out the back end…damn 2 more levels. So I guess I wasn’t prepared, and Illidan was right.

While I was mucking about in the Blasted Lands, and Shaman just kept ganking me, and ganking me. I was like screw this shaman mofo, I got my mage, and it was time to ruin his world. So I portaled to Stonard, ( I still love my mage) and I flew my new bat to the Dark Portal…well…like a bat out of hell really for lack of a better phrase. When I got there though there was already 5 fellow Hordelings scouring the area for those alliance jerks.  Damn.

Also this weekend, I picked up a Horde phone case at Gamestop. it was only 4 bucks, I couldn’t resist.


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