Alive and Kicking

Hot-nurseWell I’m alive and still kicking. It’s just been a horrible week and a half, and it’s still keep bombarding me. I was sick from food poisoning. I got a bag of tainted salad. It wasn’t pretty. Then this past weekend a close friend of mine passed. These kind of life events don’t leave me much time to enjoy video games right now. I did just want to pop on and let you know that I’ll be back soon enough with some full onslaught of new material.

I have been kind of in maintenance mode in WoW, doing my farm, grinding out mats, and rep. Still working on the Warlock as well, just turned 54 last night.  I really hope the new patch breathes new life a bit into this game for me. We’ll see.

One Response to “Alive and Kicking”

  1. Get better – friends and family is a good idea for sickness and to lean on during tough times!

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