Over 5,000 Approved Comments

Mila-Kunis-9I think there’s nothing a blogger enjoy’s more then comments, and feedback on his/her blog. I really do like them, even though I write for myself, and numbers don’t mean a whole lot. Comments is the real feedback I enjoy, alas these days of RSS feeders, and WordPress making people go through hurdles to comment, comments are fewer and farther between.  Reaching the 5k point in comments might not be much to some people, but it means alot to me because you the reader took the time, and jumped through those hurdles for me. For that I thank you, I hope you stick around, and please always share your thoughts with me.

Or I will just come to your house, eat your brain, and absorb your thoughts….your choice.

One Response to “Over 5,000 Approved Comments”

  1. Grats dude! 🙂

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