Return of the Mage Guild

felicia-daySyp posted an interesting post, and I had to answer it.

Would I roll on a WoW Vanilla Server?

I would say No. Here is why.

I do miss old WoW, it was harder but I think some of the things I miss is the community. The great thing that made Vanilla WoW so great we’re the people. Those people (most of them anyway) are long gone. Sure it would be nice to have a mount that meant something, and go back to my favorite 3 minute mage tactics. Ever one shot a warlock with Arcane Power – Presence of Mind – Pyro Blast, or ever take part in a full 40 man raid….those were good days. Those good ole days were good not because of the game itself, but laughing and joking with the 40 man raid, as you here shouts to loot the dog over vent. That’s what made Vanilla great. It was like a new pair of underwear back then, comfortable but a little restraining and tight too.

I remember I was real nostalgic over Dark Ages of Camelot. I logged in and played a bit by myself, and said to myself this is crap, cause well I was pretty much by myself most of the time.

Well if the Mage Guild came back, maybe I would too.

2 Responses to “Return of the Mage Guild”

  1. I’ve been tempted to log on and kill some salsbury giants.

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