The Ecstasy of Gold

girl_with_money_fullSo I need some gold,  cause I spend gold like sailor on viagra in a whorehouse. I go on these spurts where I make alot of gold, then I grow tired of it. Then spend all my gold and got to make it again. I was down to about 300 gold spread out among 3 toons a few weeks ago. Now I’m looking at over 10k, and growing.

Some things I’m doing is turning around some stuff, I bought a bunch of living steel on the cheap, and resold it for profit. I’m making my farms work for me, and making things that I could sell like Trillium, and making Motes of Harmony to craft weapons. Other thing is  my mage got the recipe for the Spelltwisters Grand Robe – which all you need to make Imperial Silk. I’ve been sitting on a bunch of Imperial Silk for a while, cause I had nothing to use it on, but I kept making it. So I made a few of those, and they sold like hotcakes, I made a Robe of Creation, no one wanted that piece of garbage I guess.

My goal is to try to have 100k gold by patch 5.4, It will be rough, but i think it’s very doable…that is if I don’t spend my gold like water.

4 Responses to “The Ecstasy of Gold”

  1. Royal Satchels, that is where you use your cloth. Not the crappy purple robes.

    • theerivs Says:

      Not exalted with July Douchebags yet.

      • Dude, just start doing their quest on your farm. Plus the dailies they have are really easy.

        Even on my server (which is dead BTW) the satchels are going for $5k-$6k

      • theerivs Says:

        I am doing the farm, but it’s kind of a long haul. In the meantime I priced satchels on my server and they run 3-4k, which takes 12 cloths. I sold 2 robes which takes the same amount of cloth for 3k, so I’m not losing a ton of gold.

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