The Joys of a PvP Server

talladega-nights-the-ballad-of-ricky-bobby-20060804060738880Well one thing I did miss are some of the awesome unexpected surprises that are on a PvP Server. Back in the day (read Vanilla) I use to play a mage on Thunderlord, a PvP server,  and let me tell you, those were the days of high adventure. Well fast forward alot of my other time I spent on PvE servers so some of that fun was missing. Like I would go on ganking runs when I was upset, and just kill every noob I saw as I traversed the breath and length of Azeroth. Yes I gank, and yes I’m an asshole.

Well last night working on my Warlock, who was 51 was jumped by a level 46 rogue . I laughed, and I wish he could of heard me. So I crushed him into the dust. After a few minutes I was just running along….*BOOM* one shotted dead. As I look to the sky I see a 90 hunter flying away. As I lay in the dust, I contemplate going to get my mage and teach that mofo a lesson, but I figured he wasn’t worth the effort.

Cause I’m a Warlock, I got Soulstone BIOTCH!

Bottom line I really do like PvP servers better, it keeps me on my toes and adds a little drama into the mix.

3 Responses to “The Joys of a PvP Server”

  1. *sniff* I’m so happy right now

  2. Man i hope that virtual realms and cross realm arenas and such are gonna bring people back, including me

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