This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

warlock8So I’m still grinding the old Warlock, I’m at 47 now, and I’m kind of itching to get to Outlands, and then again…no I’m not. A couple of things happened to me this weekend of note.

First off I hate the Forsaken casting stance for AoE’s. I really never got to upset at this, but as I do it alot lately on the Warlock (My mage is Forsaken, but I don’t PvE much so it doesn’t bother me much). As I stand there it looks like my Warlock is special needs, he’s crooked, one hand higher then the other. It just doesn’t look right….and it bothers me…maybe I should made a pretty bloodelf girl, so I can stare at her butt all day.

Then I was in a neutral goblin town, and I didn’t see any guards, and there was this Worgen warrior, about the same level as me. I was thinking of attacking him, as I usually go by the you red, you dead rule. I was in a good mood, so I decided to let him live. The bastard tried attacking me a little later. Well there were guards, and they jumped on him…HARD!.  He was dead in 2 seconds, I just looked at him and laughed, teabagged a few times, pointed…..I stayed classy.

Lastly I was in the last Dire Maul portion of the dungeon, and there’s demons…..and I never get to use my Enslave Demon spell. So I enslaved a Netherwalker, an Elite Voidwalker type demon. It was cool….really cool….until my enslave ran out at the wrong time. I got the tank killed…oopsie.  Meh live and learn I guess.


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  1. L2Focus target noob

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