As I Ascend

warlock12Well I keep working on my Warlock, and I’m at 46. A couple lessons were learned, my voidwalker is pretty awesome, but not tough enough to tank multiple elite mobs in a dungeon, our tank was a douchebag and left, and I said well let my blueberry try to tank a few pulls. That didn’t work out to well. Also another thing I learned was that Havoc is pretty awesome when you’re grinding. It allows you to crush two opponents at once.

Other then that I’m grinding away, ALOT easier then my mage grind was but then again I grinded mages before there were BOA’s or esp bonuses….all we had was rested xp, and we loved it.


One Response to “As I Ascend”

  1. If you want to “tank” you need to be Demonology Specced with the right glyph.

    Even then you need to have the healer watch your blueberry. The key is to keep it to where you can re-summon him quickly as needed.

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