Look Upon Me, and Dread

warlock11So I got to 40 on my Warlock, and that’s the furthest I ever been with this class. I’m rocking the Destruction Spec, and I say I love it. It’s not far from the mage. (Except I need some portals.)

Some of the things I like so far about the Warlock Class.

1. Eye of Kilrogg – So much easier to look up female mages dresses.

2. Mana – NO issues wit mana so far.

3. Voidwalker – My blueberry is a bad motherfuc….wha? I’m talking about my voidwalker.

4. No Down Time – The only down time I have is when I need to sleep.

5. Dreadsteed – A Pimp Ride indeed.

So as I go further down the dark path, I can see why these Warlocks appeal to a certain type of person, I won’t say I’m hooked until I reach level 90, and see if I can melt faces or not.

One Response to “Look Upon Me, and Dread”

  1. It gets better when you hit 90 and can cast and move. 😀

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