The King is Dead, Long Live the Queen!

bailey-jay-t2First off it was Gay Pride this weekend in Chicago, My Niece was in the Parade, I am very proud of her. It looked like a great time, wish I was there….but I don’t hate gay people, I just hate people in general, so I try to avoid crowds when I can. LOL! In all seriousness I hope this country as a whole, states included recognize the rights of every individual no matter creed, race, orientation, etc. With that being said, let’s move on to my exciting weekend.

So I moved my mage to a different server Kil’Jaeden, as well as leveling my Warlock there. I tried contacting someone in the guild my friend is in, but they didn’t respond. On Friday, in trade chat I saw someone getting together a “For the Horde” group. So I joined the group, and joined in their vent, and the hosting people were called Warsong Clan. They seemed like a fun bunch of people, so I asked to join them, and they let me join.

We went on to crush the Alliance, killed the Wrynn 3 times that day, as well as the rest of the leader. I didn’t get my For the Horde Achievement for some reason, the dwarf king didn’t take, and I’m a little pissed. Created a ticket, but Blizz told me I’m fooked in the dooka in not so many words. It was great fun, and this is what I was looking for a server that had some real life WPvP. Hopefully I can make some new friends in the guild, and have some fun.

Saturday we tried to kill the king again, but the alliance stopped us, but I still hade some fun…

I got my Warlock up to level 35, and I got to say leveling as Destro is pretty easy, I don’t think I died once. My Voidwalker is pretty powerful too, hell I let him do all the work….I come to realize why Warlocks are so damn lazy…


4 Responses to “The King is Dead, Long Live the Queen!”

  1. Then they should be a perfect fit for you 😉

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