Weakly Lagout

High Latency Life –

Well cruising along with my Warlock, The leveling process is so easy now. I’m fast approaching level 30, hopefully I can speed things up and get in the guild I want to on Kil’Jaeden. The plan is to break 40 this weekend.

High Latency Hate –

No love this week, just hate. There’s a blogger named Apple Cider Mage who I am ashamed shares a common factor with me, that we both play mages. I was commenting the fact that WoW Insider interviewed a Playmate who is a gamer. I simply said that I didn’t think she was a great role model, and a person of interest AS a gamer. She jumped down my throat saying people that work in the sex industry are people too. No shit really I thought they we’re aliens. Apply Cider Mage says she’s a feminist, but she’s the worst kind of feminist. She doesn’t want the sexes to be equal, she deems herself superior. She constantly vilifies men, and when she doesn’t get her way, or you don’t stroke her ego, she dismisses you. She will always be an enemy of this blog, and I will always analyze her blog, and call her out on her bullshit.  Feel free to go over there and show some hate…tell her I sent ya.


High Latency Laugh –

I don’t care I love this pic….



With that…




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