Naga Love

nagaThere is one race I wish they would revisit, and maybe make into a playable race. I have been in love with the Naga ever since Illidan summoned them up from the sea. I think theirs is an interesting story, once elves transformed into ‘monsters’. They have a society, and are not beasts.

Things I Find Interesting about Naga¬†–

1. Matriarchal Society – Females rule their society, and it would be interesting indeed to play in some other society then where men rule the day. The Forsaken being close second on that front.

2. Evil – They are mostly an evil race, so playing something where morally they are not totally the heroes would be pretty cool, and I would think lead to some great quests.

3. Models – I would love a toon model, that doesn’t have two legs, and running around everywhere. I think playing as a Naga would be visually different.

4. Horde – Definitely I feel that this race would be Horde centric.

5. Lore – There’s room for a splinter group to join the Horde, so it is feasible.

There is hope…

“Metzen has stated as far back as the Burning Crusade expansion[25] that he would like naga to be playable one day along with ogres and goblins (the latter of which have become playable in Cataclysm, after the interview took place). Due to their general role as villains, it is likely the playable naga would be like the Draenei are to the demonic Eredar” – Wow Insider

We’ll see if the Naga ever make it to being playable, but I will always have much love for my Nagas

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