By Fire Be Purged

Warlock6So I chose to go Destruction on my Warlock. As I level there is a couple things I noticed, and I’m a little peeved about. I never run out of mana…never…I kill and kill, and kill some more. I swear to the dark gods, when I was leveling my mage I had to drink after a few pulls, and after every hard pull. Warlocks are spoiled.  Also what’s up with the Voidwalker, did they shrink him. He looks smaller then last time I played Warlock.

Other thing now I kill fast….real fast. I think faster then my mage at the level, but then again I’m decked out with BOA’s when I leveled my mage I didn’t have that luxury, and those BOA’s are real nice for leveling too. I made it to level 16 last night,  and chose my first talent. I took the mass healing one, I have no clue what I’m doing. I guess I should start reading the Warlock Forums….dear lord I’m going to sink to all time lows now.

Being the glutton of punishment I am, I did some PvP as well. I melted some faces, but there were a few peeps I had a problem with, like this shaman, but I think he was twink geared out, or he knew what he was doing. I was totally ripping mages apart, I felt sorry for them. I know how that goes at lower levels. I can’t even look myself in the mirror lately. I am becoming the very thing I hate……and part of me is enjoying it.



4 Responses to “By Fire Be Purged”

  1. Siphon Life is your friend at the lower levels.

    Destro has a 625% mana regen because you don’t get life tap.

    You won’t run out of mana as long as you don’t just spam Incinerate.

    If you want an idea of the talent choices for destro (and don’t want to read the forums) you can look at Lyssi’s talents. I have the ones most people pick.

    Some are up to you for what you prefer (the CC level) but for the most part she has what you will want.

  2. fyling.squrl Says:

    Destro just doesn’t have mana concerns really. Part of the spec’s flavor. At higher levels you’ll have to manage embers, but until then enjoy.

    Most take the middle talent on that first tier. The shield it provides can be nice for your demon on a regular basis and a good life saver for you if a pull goes bad.

    I never hear much about shaman being tough on ‘locks, however, they are one of the more difficult classes for me personally. And while playing my shaman I’ve never lost to a warlock.

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