From Iron Cometh Strength

IWThere’s a nice article up on the new Warhammer 40k, and let me tell you it has my juices flowing. One of my favorite Legions will be playable the Iron Warriors.

I’ll be keeping my eye out on this title, for sure.

EDIT: The site is now live, so choose your race, and join the crusade. War 40k Website

4 Responses to “From Iron Cometh Strength”

  1. oooh, this does sound nice although I will remain pessimistic until it releases as there seems to be a curse on anyone wanting to bring any warhammer ip to an mmo.

    4 factions with possible more to come will be carnage.. beautiful carnage and having the free players be the hordes of ork boyz is genius though. ohhh and TANKS!

    Eldar will always reign supreme though

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