Know When To Walk Away

poker-girls“Know when to walk away, know when to run” – The Gambler, by Kenny Rogers.

Everything I know pretty much can be summed up into a couple things, one of them is the the Song the Gambler. When Syl (and others) wrote posts about F2P, and the correlation to gambling. I had to add my two cents. Why? Cause I’m a gambler, a pretty bad one at that.

I won’t go into specifics, but the reason I got the nickname River is through gambling…I paid for that name over the long run. I started gambling when I was 9, my Grandma taught me poker. There was a time when I was heavily into gambling from cards, casino, sports, you name it. Let me put it this way I was so bad, one month I lost 60,000 dollars. How’s that for a shitty month. So I paid my dues as a gambler, and you win some….and you lose some.

Now it terms of lockboxes and things of that nature, versus gambling. There really isn’t a comparison for some of the reasons Syl mentioned. One of them is money. I gamble because I want more of it, but it’s not just that of course, but it’s one of the reasons I keep coming back to the card table, time and time again, there are a couple more reasons which I’m going to list for you here. Some of these might of been covered in other posts, but I wanted to put my two cents on each one.

Reasons why Lockboxes are NOT like Gambling

1. Thrill of the Win – In Gambling, I’m actually beating something whether it be the House such as a Casino, or an actual person. Sure you can say Slots your not really beating anyone, but in fact you are. You are beating the Casino, as well as the odds. In Lockboxes your just beating the RNG.

2. Ultimate Prize – Once the Ultimate Goal is reached, say the special mount, there’s no real reason to return. I win a lot of money in gambling, I can always go back, and try to get more.

3. The Experience – Klep mentioned this, but gambling is an experience. When I’m playing cards with a bunch of other players there’s a rapport there, you meet people, you shoot the shit. There’s no experience when opening a lockbox.

4. Close but no Cigar – With a lockbox there is no real carrot in front of your nose, for example if I got two pair, I was almost to a full house, or maybe I got two blue 7’s and almost another blue 7. I was close, but no cigar. I feel it coming, but I just missed getting the big goal. With RNG, and the Lockbox I don’t know how close I was to the mount, or big prize.

5. Risk vs Reward, and The Sure Thing – I put up 5 dollars I could win 100 dollars. Is the money I’m risking worth the mount, when I could purchase a mount, and be assured to get one. In other words I could get a cool mount for 20 bucks, but I MIGHT get a mount by spending the 20, or I might now. As a gambler never put on the table what your not willing to lose, and always go with the sure thing.

These are just some of the reasons I feel lockboxes, and gambling are not in the same realm. I play Neverwinter, and I have 4 lockboxes to open, and I have no real desire to try my luck, cause I got my rentals and they suit me for now.

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