The RIFT Between Us

break_up_wideweb__470x306,0RIFT went free to play, and even though I played RIFT for awhile, I won’t be heading back there. I just didn’t enjoy my experience there I just don’t know why. I mean it wasn’t a bad game, but there was several things I just didn’t get into.

1. Lore– I don’t know what it is about RIFT’s story, but it just didn’t grab me. It didn’t compel me to play, perhaps it’s just me. Perhaps I’m an IP snob, and only dig stuff that I’m comfortable with like Warcraft, Warhammer, and other IP’s I’m familiar with. Stories I can relate too, and new IP’s are not looked favorable in my eye, that’s why games like Aion, and RIFT are ones I don’t play because there stories are not ones I grew up with.

2. Roles – Though their system was interesting, with their “souls” you could fill multiple roles, I felt like I didn’t know my place in the world, everyone was a hybrid in a sense. It left a little disconnect in my head for some reason.

3. Too WoW like – At the time it was an awful like WoW, and if I want to play WoW, I’ll just play WoW. This may have changed, maybe not.

4. No Fluff that I liked – I know a little bit of a silly reason not to like the game, but I didn’t like the mounts.

5. The People – All my friends left the game, and if no one I know is playing the game, why play? People make an MMO.

So those are some of the reasons I left RIFT, and also some of the reasons among other I won’t be going back. Sometimes like a relationship things just don’t fit well with a game, and there’s no going back.

2 Responses to “The RIFT Between Us”

  1. Tsch, Rift’s ponies were pretty.

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