2 Girls, 1 Shield

2girlsPlaying Neverwinter last night, and I see this companion thing going on, I’m thinking great I get a pet, maybe a cute panda to follow me around. WRONG!.

I get an actual something to help me with combat, either a tank/dps/or healer. Being a Guardian, I figured I would go with the Cleric. A pocket healer is awesome, pluse she’s a hottie. I named here Telara, that’s sounds like a clerics name right? I think that’s also the name of the world in RIFT, which I won’t play free or not, but that’s a tale for another time so I digress.  My cleric died a couple times, cause well she sucks, but hey that’s what being a leader is about, the people under you sometimes get squashed so that I may rise further up the ladder.

Also had my first foray doing a Foundry dungeon (not creating, but just running it) It was a dungeon based on Ravenloft, and it was pretty cool, albeit a little easy but still I enjoyed it. The person who created it did a pretty good job, and there was some script choices I liked. It really got my juices flowing and thinking, that maybe I could create my own dungeon.

This is really the most shocking revelation of all, I’m having fun…for free not one cent paid, and I can’t complain about that, but I might spend some coin on a mount…a cool nightmare.


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