The Blood of Kahless

star-trek-tpol-lt_-saavik-cosplay-wars-vulcan-nerd-sexySo I decided to shift gears in STO, and work on my Klingon. I love Klingons ever since they first introduced them. A warrior race who live and die by honor.  I reached the Lt. Commander level, and got my new ship. I like it better then the older Lt. Commander ships. This ship looks more Klingon to me. I’m looking forward to blooding it, and to do more PvP. I really enjoy the group Borg attacks to see so many of my Klingon brethren trying to defeat a common foe, but I haven’t won one of those yet. That massive ship at the end usually rips us apart. I’m really looking forward to getting an old style battlecruiser.

I still get chills when I watch this….

Yeah I know sounds like I want to RP a Klingon….maybe I sorta do, but I’m loving the Klingons more hopefully the higher level content is more fleshed out, I remember last time it fizzled out fast.

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