I R NOOB, Hear me Roar

redsonja2So I’ve been playing Neverwinter for a bit now, got my Guardian Fighter up to level 10.  So I’m fighting hordes of Orcs, and nearly miss being killed, using mass amounts of healing potions with every encounter.

I learned the little shield, and bars on my HUD was my block bar, as how much blocking ability I had left. Cool, but to me block didn’t seem to useful as I couldn’t attack with it…or so I thought. So last night I was fighting, and saw some ax throwers going to throw axes at me, so I hit the block, and I attacked at the same time killing my target.


WHOA…what…that just happened, I can block and attack at the same time, holy crap, that’s huge for me. A total game changer. . So I finished out to level 11 last night amazed at what a difference it made learning I can block and attack at the same time….


Then I thought….man I feel like such a Noob

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