A little pat on the back for myself

memarchThis is my 2,050th (after doing the math though with guest posts, it’s only 2,000 posts I did myself)  post on my combined blogs, I just seen someone celebrating their 500th, and wondered where I was at.

I started this journey with my personal blog, Chaotic Ramblings, then I branched out into video game blogging for Warhammer online, with my Way of the Chosen blog, and here we are living the High Latency Life.

So as I look at my total post count, I went Holy Shit! that’s a lot of words, and boy does my fingers hurt, and as I look back I never regreted one minute of it.  LOL!

3 Responses to “A little pat on the back for myself”

  1. That’s Craziness. I just did my 200th post – and I’ve been live since 2008. Of course, I don’t post on a regular schedule and had a couple of breaks now and again =)

  2. […] incredibly special considering some of  the other options but the truth is there were a few times were it looked like I would never hit it. 200 posts over 5 […]

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