Neverwinter Blues

SnowBunny1So I’ve been playing a bit of Neverwinter lately, and I just can’t get settle in. I have a feeling, I’m just not connecting with the classes, I refuse to play a rogue or cleric, everyone it seems is rolling those classes. Here’s some quick thoughts of what I think so far. .

Control Wizard – Not the typical mage class, not really a glass cannon but not that sturdy either. For a wizard specializing with control, he really doesn’t have that much AOE control at early levels, may get better with late levels, but right now when enemies come at you 3-4 at a time, the single freeze spell doesn’t help you all that much.

Great Weapon Fighter – Here we have a decent AOE stun with the leg sweep, but it just doesn’t feel like he’s killing fast enough, for the damage he’s taking, and it seems like he’s taking a lot. Heck he’s using more healing potions then my wizard.  I am worried too, because I hear fighters are worthless in PvP, both types, I would also like to see an Axe perhaps too.

Guardian Fighter – Probably the best class I liked, able to take a punch, but able to dish some out too. I haven’t figured out what the HUD thing is on the left with a little shield, and two arcs coming from that. I like tanking, but I wish there was some use for a tank in the PvP setting.

I’ll keep chugging at it, maybe it gets better the more I level. I’ll keep going with the Guardian, who doesn’t love a good tank, plus my tank has pretty big breasts…I mean shield…yea shield.

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