Sins of My Father

pilgrimI decided to put together a series of posts about how Feminist claims about gaming are becoming a little bit over the top. I won’t hit you with a deluge of opinions, and that’s what these posts will be. I’ll trickle them out one or two a week. The main focus of this blog is always, and shall be about the games, and gaming. Since though Feminists keep attacking an institution that I love, I feel the need to stand up and say, “Hey we are not the enemy, and we’re trying to do our best” , also in MMO’s you can be any gender you want, so I enjoy looking at traditional gender roles, and how they play out in the MMO community.

Let’s begin shall we.

History –

Feminists love to bring up the years of oppression they had to endure under the yoke of a male-dominated society. Yes they had is rough at times, and I feel sorry for that. Does that mean I must pay the price of what my ancestors did, am I a villain if my great-great-grandfather beat his wife with a switch when she did something bad. Feminists love to bring up history, but you know what, how am I to blame? In the here and now I try my best to afford all women the rights they deserve, I treat EVERYONE equally…with loathing, and disrespect. Just kidding, but why do I have to pay for the sins, and crimes someone else did, and why should I feel guilty about it?

For Men, By Men –

Let’s talk about gaming. In the beginning men made video games, and they made them for other men. It was rare indeed I saw a girl in the arcade of my youth. So we have a product that catered to men, and what men like. Now of course women are free to play all the video games they wanted, but the majority of the consumer base was men. Let’s take a product catering to women, makeup. Makeup is made for women, and marketed for women. Sure men could use makeup, and some do, but the product focuses on women. I don’t see men doing Revlon commercials, does that make the makeup industry sexist?  Unlike the make up industry the video gaming media is changing, we have more, and more female heroes, and even gay/lesbian heroes, but let’s be honest most players are still male. So why should a business, who is out to make money cater to the minority of it’s consumers?  Until I see Ryan Gosling in a Maybelline commercial with the byline, “Maybe it’s him, or Maybe it Maybelline” then I’ll find suspect in products marketed to certain genders.

Next week I’ll be talking about Male tropes in video games, or how we’re not all muscle bound heroes.

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