By the way, they’re real, and they’re spectacular

hot girl1So a lot of my old guildies decided to play some Neverwinter Nights, or NWN, so WoW might be taking a back seat for a bit. I still might log on to do Farmville, or some other things until my sub runs out, also I’m back to do a little Star Trek Online…I’m learning to love Free to Play. Odd I know.

I decided to go with the Guardian Fighter, as I love tanking, and I really liked that toon when I toyed with NWN before. I decided to make a female elf. I don’t know why, usually I play all male toons except for the odd experiment her or there. We’ll see how it goes, maybe if I flirt enough I’ll get free shite.

I went more in depth with the character creation process, and I saw ALOT of choices there, almost overwhelming. Fingernail length? really? Ok I made mine long, I like chicks with long nails what can I say. Oh wait Breast Size? Hmm more than a champagne glass full is a waist so I hear, but you either go large or go home…slider bar ALL the way to the right.  I went with dark hair, even though blondes have more fun. I’m a tank, I want to be taking seriously damn it!

Overall I was really impressed with all the selections, and these two games are starting to redefine free to play for me, we’ll see if they can keep it up. For now I’m a just a girl, in this D&D world.

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