Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

orion-girlSo I logged into Star Trek Online, and here are a couple of thoughts.

The Queue – Was ridiculously long, but on one hand I’m a little pleased that means people are playing again, and that means killing Feds will be a lot easier. This is my #1 problem with this game so far.

Character Creation – I really like it now, more choices, or you can just pick what they give you. Some of the beginning uniforms are nice too. Like the Klingons get some TOS style

Space Combat – I always loved STO combat, but now it seems the UI is a little crisper. like it showing the arcs of my weapons on my HUD.

Ground Combat – ALOT…ALOT smoother. I actually like it so far, way better then in the past.

Storyline – I only started a Romulan, I like it so far. A race trying to pick up the pieces of their once mighty empire. I actually feel bad for them, and I usually don’t feel anything…I’m a little dead inside. I’m looking forward to the Klingons.  The tutorial was pretty good, but it probably will make Alting hard.

Overall – I really like the game now, it feels like how STO should of been. I might actually spend some money on this game, cause there’s a lot of cool ships. I’m really looking forward into getting into some PvP, and get my revenge on the Feds. For revenge is a dish best served cold….and it is very cold in space indeed.


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