They Task Me!

jolene-blalockThey task me…and I shall have them. That’s Jolene Blalock btw she play T’Pol in the show Enterprise. Only Star Trek show I never really watched…I don’t know why. I sat through Deep Space Nine, and I wasn’t into that. As with shows my adventures with Star Trek games were not always delightful.

So when I first started STO, I bought the collectors edition, and I was ready to rock and roll. Things went down fast after that, and I felt like I was marooned on Ceti Alpha Five.

Fast forward a tosh,  and Star Trek Online is starting something new. You can play as Klingon or Romulan from level one. That’s pretty cool idea…hey why didn’t they do that from the get go…Oh wait I might of enjoyed that.

I did have a Klingon toon that I made it to my 30’s, and had a couple of ships. I loved my Bird of Prey.  So I decided lets go check out the changes. Oh wait my account is fooked up, and I have no toons anymore. Despite my anger, and I was so angry I wanted to bury someone alive…..alive….Kirk.

Ok to be honest, after seeing the new video with Spock…I got a little hyped up. I love Klingons, but I also love the Romulans ever since the TOS episode “Balance of Terror”….Tell you the truth I did love the space combat of STO a lot.

So despite having lost my toons, I decided to give it another shot, so with my last breath….I spit at thee.

One Response to “They Task Me!”

  1. Shimrah Says:

    Exact same story for me, downloaded STO this week to give it another go (havent played since the first few months after launch) and all my characters are gone. They now use a Perfect World login that you need to ‘link’ to your old Cryptic account. I raised a ticket since ‘linking’ didnt work for me, 4 days later, no news.

    Anyhow, I was waiting before creating any new char. In case they wipe while restoring my old ones. Well see.


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