Neverwinter Thoughts

pic_poo1So I downloaded, and played a little Neverwinter last night. Thought I would share some of my meandering opinions about this MMO. I know it’s Beta but there are some things I don’t like about this game, but I’ll go over that in a bit. I did like ALOT about this game too.

What I liked –

Graphics – Clean, and Crisp. I didn’t see that many bugs and my machine is not top of the line at all. I was also impressed with the detail, what I saw of the city, landscape and dungeons I was really impressed.

Combat – I really liked the combat, it was smooth, quick paced, and exciting. I really liked some of the combat animations, like magic missile. It’s what I dreamt magic missiles were when I was growing up playing D&D

Gameplay/Quests – It was fun I have to admit for what I saw, the quests weren’t tedious there was a flow to them, and the gameplay was fun. NPC interaction didn’t take away from the game.

Forgotten Realms – I love the Forgotten Realms setting, I grew up on it, ever since I read my first Drizzt novel, and played Pool of Radiance. This place is my second fantasy home.

Character Creation – It was fun, with a bunch of choices, like arm thickness, and the classic dice rolling for your stats…yeah I rerolled ALOT!

What I didn’t like

Classes – There weren’t any classes that really spoke to me. Control Wizard has a little orb floating around him/her…really? Where are the classic D&D classes such as Ranger, or Paladin.

Alignment – Part of D&D fun is you get to play with ethical and morality stuff, I wish there was more dynamic in this game. Where’s my evil choices, and my lawful evil alignment?

UI– Perhaps I just need to get use to it, but the UI seems to me to be smooshed, and cluttered.

Overall –

For a Beta, it worked pretty smooth, I was impressed. I like the game, there’s a lot of fun stuff there , but I think once you get past the fluff, and pretty stuff the game just is missing stuff I would love to see in an D&D MMO. Namely playing a cool evil Necromancer. I’ll still dabble with it, and see if it gets better.


8 Responses to “Neverwinter Thoughts”

  1. Shimrah Says:

    Try a Guardian Fighter, most fun tanking I had in years.

  2. Shimrah Says:

    Also, If you find it too easy. Wait for it, it only gets better 35+. I have yet to complete the Lair of the Mad Dragon dungeon, cant seem to find a pug good enough for the final boss. Fun 😛

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  6. It’s based on 4th edition, so some of the things you remember from playing as a kid are completely gone, such as the emphasis on Alignment. Also, classes have been more streamlined, as well as spells and abilities. Essentially, it’s like playing an MMO in paper format, with a tank that taunts, DPS, and healers and all.

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