Hardcore No More

Sexy_Adult_Womens_Halloween_Costumes_Black_Wet_Look_Madame_Mistress_Dominatrix_Costume_Theme_Party_Outfit_1_LargeMy guild is hardcore PvP. All my guildies are obsessed with RBG’s, and pushing their rating.  Which is awesome, and I got their back whatever they need. Here’s the thing RBG’s to me are like the hardcore raiding of PvP. You need to be available certain time, commit to something, and be there for a big chuck of time. Right now in my life I can’t do that. I don’t have that type of time.

It’s hard for me cause a part of me feels like I’m letting my guild down. I want to do RBG’s, but I am too inconsistent in my schedule, and when they ask me it’s usually when I don’t have much time left to play. I can join random people’s RBG but I feel I really do suck so I don’t want to join a team of people I don’t know, cause they will not me as forgiving as guildies towards my suckitude.

The guild’s grown a lot too, and sometimes when I log in, I don’t see anyone I really know. Lately I just log in, do my Farmville, and maybe work on my Mage’s rep a bit so I can make some new recipes, and then call it a day.Perhaps maybe I’m a little burnt out too on WoW in general, the sucky thing is I don’t have time to play anything else either.

I know I’m an adult now, and I have a lot more things going on in my life, but a part of me misses the days when I was hardcore playing everyday for 4-6 hours a day, just a small part…but a part nonetheless.

One Response to “Hardcore No More”

  1. Yea I know how it is when you get a bit burned out but are too tired/busy to lean a new game lol. I’ve no mental energy for new things so I just keep plodding on. When you only have an hour or so to yourself sometimes the familiar is nice even if it’s the ‘same ole same ole’.

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